Getting started with Alexa Skills

Alexa, tell me how to get started 
Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to build an Alexa Skill and play around with it but are too afraid to begin? Getting scared just by the prospect of where to begin with? Then you are reading the right article. I won’t be telling you how to make an Alexa Skill but will share my experience on how I started and what you need to do in order to get started.
I heard about Alexa Skills from one of my seniors in my college (read: centre) who was bragging about the skill he had made and how good it was doing. Don’t get me wrong, he had earned his bragging rights. I got excited and started exploring Alexa Skills. I went through the Alexa Skill Kit website, clicking here and there and got to know javascript is used in making the Skills. Since it was out of my comfort zone I thought, “Beta, tumse na ho payega!” (Son, you won’t be able to do this). A few days later I again went back to Alexa Skill Kit website and forced myself to click on Learn tab. There were many options to learn Alexa Skills from. Being, familiar with Codecademy’s paradigm, I started doing a course from Codecademy. It gave me a basic idea of what Alexa skills are and encouraged me to make an Amazon AWS account. After completing the tutorial I was not confident enough to make any of my own skill. Then I saw a CodingDojo tutorial, which said, “make Alexa skill using python”. Well, python is my forte so I went forward with it. Now after completing this tutorial, I got even more confused and it destroyed my morale. I gave up. I was hopeless. Then two days back after being a bit comfortable with javascript, I went back to the Alexa Skill Kit website. This time I clicked on how to make a simple Fact Skill, it was a tutorial by Amazon themselves. And I have to say, it was the best thing that happened to me in terms of working with Alexa. Now I am a proud Alexa Skill developer.
So my advice to get started with Alexa Skills is do a basic course from Codecademy and then switch over to the tutorial given by Amazon
Here is my first Alexa Skill Popular Movie Quotes, please give it a try and send me your feedback.

Link to my skill:
Disclaimer: Neither Codecademy nor Amazon is a sponsor of this article :p


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