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InvoiceX-GUI: Google Summer of Code Project

Most of you might be aware that this summer I have working as a Google Summer of Code student at Debian. It has been an enjoyable and satisfying journey so far. Full of anxiety, anxiousness and arousal if I may say so. I have been working of project which involves making GUI for Factur-X library. Factur-X library reads a PDF invoices to discover attached XML file which follows a certain e-invoicing standard such as Factur-X, Zugferd or UBL. It enables validating the xml, reading the values and also allows to edit them.
Most of the GUI related work has been completed and I thought it is the ripe time to explain this project and giving intricate working of the same. I will go through tech stack used, dependencies, writing tests, difficulties faced. FeaturesPreview the PDF opened.Search for any attached standard XML.Display fields in dock.Edit FieldsExport metadata in form of XML, JSON, YAMLSave the PDFAutomatically discover fields values for an empty XML Framework and Packaging For Inv…

GSoC 2018: Week 8

It's been 54 days since Coding Period of Google Summer of Code 2018 started and 14 days since my last blog. Debian's GSoC admin have decided to ask for a weekly log from students working with Debian (every Friday). So here is what I did from 30th June to 6ndJuly.

This week I worked on the GUI, for invoice-x (invoicex-gui) and Factur-X. The on Factur-X was related to searching, learning and knowing. Here is what I did in this time:

Squashed bugs in invoicex-gui which were OS dependent.Add support to export metadata in form of YAML in Factur-XImplemented, Standardization and validation for currencies, countries, etc. For this I read about ISO standards (ISO: 3166 for country codes and ISO: 4217 for currency codes)Then I have been studying UBL (Universal Business Language) Standards. This will be another standard Factur-X will be supporting in addition to factur-x and zugferd Here is what I intend to do next week:
Complete integration of UBLIf possible make package for Factur-X for…