GSoC 2018: Week 6

It's been 40 days since Coding Period of Google Summer of Code 2018 started and 7 days since my last blog. Debian's GSoC admin have decided to ask for a weekly log from students working with Debian (every Friday). So here is what I did from 16th June to 22nd June.

This week, I was working on Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Factur-X. The work is done in invoicex-gui repository under invoice-x organisation. 

Earlier I had planned using Kivy as UI framework. But I dropped that idea because of Kivy's bug with default Debian 9 (Stretch) touchpad driver. So, now I am using PyQt5 as UI framework for this project. I spent a few days reading and using PyQt5. I have to admit the learning curve is very steep, due to unavailability of proper documentation. For most part I had to rely on Qt5's documentation in C++ and other sources such as StackOverflow and some personal blogs.

I have done the following things for GUI:

  •  Added basic layout for GUI, including Menubar, Toolbar, Right Side Dock and Central Widget
  • Implemented loading of PDF and previewing it in centralWidget. I am using ImageMagick to convert pdf to an image (Done via subprocess).
  • As soon as PDF preview is ready, Metadata is loading in Right Side Dock. 
I have given minimum attention to the appearance of this application and will improve it in coming weeks.

Next week, I will continue working on GUI and will try to integrate more features from factur-x.

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