GSoC 2018: Week 2

It's been 12 days since Coding Period of Google Summer of Code 2018 started and 7 days since my last blog. Debian's GSoC admin have decided to ask for a weekly log from students working with Debian (every Friday). So here is what I did from 19th May to 25th May.

This week we made a new organisation invoice-x for easier management and reviewing purposes. Now, both the libraries invoice2data and factur-x have been moved there.
I have been solving up coming issues on invoice2data and improving factur-x library.

  • As I mentioned in my previous blog, that I will be covering tests for 'invoice2data as a library'. So I did do it. Link to commit.
  • I have added checks for tesseract module, which verifies installation of tesseract and imagemagick modules in invoice2data. It was related to issue-92
  • Added related project section to invoice2data and factur-x. Issue-14
  • Then, I spent time on reading about French government's new standard to exchange electronic invoices, called, Factur-X that builds on a different German standard ("ZUGFeRD").
  • I have figured out problems with file loading mechanism of factur-x and we are still working on how to optimize it.
  • I have fixed issues with embedded resource checking in factur-x. Issue-16
  • An issue came up related to whitespace input to tesseract module, had to fix it and in the process I learned about subprocess library of python.
  • I have written tests for factur-x now tests three functions write_pdf(), write_xml() and _xml_from_file() PR-21
  • Added a simple test for tesseract module in invoice2data which checks whether tesseract.to_text() is working or not. PR-135
Here is what I intend to do in Week 3:
Some useful links:
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