What's up April?

Hey, It's being a long time since I wrote anything here. So now I have decided to do a series of 'What's up {month}?' where I will be talking about what's going on in my life more so professionally (college centre life) rather than personally. But I guess, I will throw in some personal events too. This will be kind of my log keeper and will help me access what the hell I was doing in that month. So let's move on to 'What's up April?'

Today on 'What's up April?' It will be covering the month of March and mid-April. March was supposed to be the most happening month for me because I was born in the month. But to my surprise, it wasn't. It started with a mid-Semester break at Delhi University which like every other student was spent eating and sleeping. Other than eating and sleeping, I made a few open source contributions, worked on a small Machine Learning (using Support Vector Machines) project. Then after the mid-Semester break, it was all about college, project submission dates were coming up, had to give some internal assessment tests. Yes, and I more thing, I submitted a proposal for Google Summer of Code to Debian. I even learned JAVA in the most of March just for the sake of passing my Object Oriented Programming course. I also received an Echo Dot from Amazon for 100+ unique users of my skill for the month of January.

Moving on to April, till now I have been really busy with project completion and submissions, till now I have completed 2 projects, working on 1 and 3 are yet to be started. However, all of them have to be submitted by 24th April (I am not at all panicking). This till I again made an Alexa Skill, India Travel Guide in accordance with the theme of the month, Tourism. During the course of building the skill, I learned about npm which is a package manager for the JavaScript, got better with handling AWS lambda and drank 7 cups of coffee. The examination dates were also announced and this time there are very tight. 6 tests in 6 days! In April, I also learned how to make Graphical User Interface in using Swing (for Java) and PyQt5 (for python).

P.S. A few more interesting things happened in these one and half month but I cannot really tell you about those right now, need to wait for a week or two. There might be more things that happened but I can't really remember them, if I do will tell you about those in the next part of the series.

Summarizing it, let's see what I learned about: JAVA, PyQt, Swing, AWS lambda, SVM, ReactJS, Defending in FIFA 18,

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