Hundredth Contribution on Github!

You should celebrate every small milestone you reach
Today I made my 100th contribution on Github. I definitely feel good about it and want to celebrate it. Why celebrate? I recently read an article saying, "If you want to change and change for the good, you should celebrate every small milestone you reach. It not only helps you in keeping track of the changes in your life but also makes you feel better." I have decided, I will celebrate by writing about how I started contributing to Open Source community. 
I probably heard about free open source software (FOSS) when I was 8. Trying to play mkv file and being unsuccessful after using windows media player. I asked my cousin about it, he told me to use VLC media player it plays all kinds of formats, it's free and open source. I was like what the heck is open source, and choose to forget about it and just remember the fact that it's free and can play my mkv files.
My next big encounter with the word FOSS was when I joined my college Cluster Innovation Centre. I heard about Google Summer of Code (GSoC) in my school days, knowing that it is some achievement to crack GSoC and you get paid well. I was totally oblivious to the fact that it has something to do with Open Source contribution and you cannot crack GSoC but get accepted to it. There was some buzz around in my college that 7 - 8 students got their proposal accepted for GSoC, this some feat for a 7 years old college having a batch strength of 40 odd students. After 2 months of joining the college, my seniors organised a talk by two CIC alumni's Rajan Maurya and Pawan Pal. They introduced us to what Open Source is about, how to use Github and what is Google Summer of Code. 
It was good to know what open source community is about and how to use Github, but the real problem was how to start contributing? So even about 2 months of the workshop/talk. I had zero contributions. It was while working on the OpenBCI project I found a broken link in the documentation of OpenBCI repository and I opened my first issue and this was my first contribution, it might be a small contribution but for me, it is one of my biggest achievement in college life.
Now I have 11 repositories (personal/forked) and have contributed to 7 repositories according to Github. 39 of my 100 contributions are to my homepage's repository and the biggest project to which I have contributed (really contributed) is invoice2data.

Github profile: duskybomb


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